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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Service Manual: Ect sensor removal and installation


  1. Remove the left side cowling. Refer to “exterior parts removal and installation” in section 9d .
  2.  Drain engine coolant. Refer to “cooling system inspection” in section 0b .
  3.  Disconnect the coupler and remove the ect sensor (1).

take special care when handling the ect sensor. It may cause damage if it gets an excessive impact.

Suzuki GSX-R. Ect sensor removal and installation


Install the ect sensor in the reverse order of removal.

Pay attention to the following points:


use new gasket washer to prevent engine coolant leakage.

Tightening torque ect sensor (a): 18 n·m (1.8 Kgf-m, 13.0 Lbf-ft)

Suzuki GSX-R. Ect sensor removal and installation

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