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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Service Manual: Front brake hose routing diagram

Suzuki GSX-R. Front brake hose routing diagram

  1. Hose clamp
    : clamp end should face downward.
  2. Stopper
    : after the brake hose union has contacted to the stopper, tighten the union bolt.
  3. Hose guide : pass the brake hose through the hose guide.
  4. Stopper
    : after positioning the clamp with the stopper, tighten the clamp bolt.
  5. Hose clamp
    : insert the clamp end into the hole on the front fender.
  6. White marking
    : white marking should be on right side and face upward.
  7. Clamp the
    brake hose firmly.
  8. Pass the
    brake hose through rear side of the throttle cables.
  9. 23 Nm (2.3 Kgf-m,
    16.5 Lbf-ft)
Schematic and routing diagram

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