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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Service Manual: Precautions


Precautions for electrical system

Refer to “general precautions” in section 00 (page 00-1) and “precautions for electrical circuit service” in section 00 (page 00-2).

Component location

Electrical components location

Refer to “electrical components location” in section 0a .

Body and accessories

Wiring systems

Other materials:

Rear brake caliper removal and installation
Removal Remove the rear wheel. Refer to “rear wheel assembly removal and installation” in section 2d .  Drain brake fluid. Refer to “brake fluid replacement” in section 4a .  Remove the brake hose from the caliper by removing the union bolt (1) and catch the brake fluid in a ...

Clamp the wire harness at such positions as indicated in “wiring harness routing diagram” in section 9a .  Bend the clamp properly so that the wire harness is clamped securely.  In clamping the wire harness, use care not to allow it to hang down.  Do not use wire or an ...

Cam chain guide / cam chain tensioner removal and installation
Removal Remove the cylinder head cover. Refer to “engine top side disassembly” .  Remove the cam chain guide no. 2 (1). Remove the cylinder head. Refer to “engine top side disassembly”  and “engine bottom side disassembly” .  Remove the starter clutch. Refer to “s ...

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