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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Service Manual: Fuel pressure inspection

  • Keep away from fire or spark.
  • Spilled gasoline should be wiped off immediately.
  • Work in a well-ventilated area.

Inspect the fuel pressure in the following procedures:

  1.  lift and support the fuel tank. Refer to fuel tank removal and installation .
  2.  Place a rag under the fuel feed hose (1) and remove the fuel feed hose.

Suzuki GSX-R. Fuel pressure inspection

  1. Install the special tools between the fuel pump and fuel delivery pipe.

Special tool (a): 0994040211 (fuel pressure
gauge adapter) (b): 0994040220 (fuel pressure
gauge attachment) (c): 0991577331 (oil pressure gauge
(1000 kpa)) (d): 0991574521 (adapter hose)

Suzuki GSX-R. Fuel pressure inspection

  1. Turn the ignition on and check for fuel pressure.

Fuel pressure approx. 300 Kpa (3.0 Kgf/cm2, 43 psi)

If the fuel pressure is lower than the specification, check for the followings:

If the fuel pressure is higher than the specification, check for the followings:

  1. Remove the special tools.
removing the special tools, turn the ignition switch off and release the fuel pressure slowly.
  1. Reinstall the fuel tank. Refer to fuel tank removal and installation .

connect the fuel feed hose to the fuel pump until it locks securely (a click is heard).

Repair instructions

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