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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Service Manual: Precautions

Precautions for engine electrical device

Refer to “general precautions” in section 00 (page 00-1) and “precautions for electrical circuit service” in section 00 (page 00-2).

Component location

Engine electrical components location

Refer to “electrical components location” in section 0a .

Diagnostic information and procedures

Engine symptom diagnosis

Refer to “engine symptom diagnosis” in section 1a .

Engine electrical devices

Repair instructions

Other materials:

Fuel pump relay inspection
Refer to “electrical components location” in section 0a . Inspect the fuel pump relay in the following procedures:  remove the frame covers. Refer to “exterior parts removal and installation” in section 9d (page 9d- 6).  Remove the fuel pump relay (1). First, check f ...

Service data Brake unit: mm (in) Tightening torque specifications Note the specified tightening torque is described in the following. “Front brake hose routing diagram”  “rear brake hose routing diagram”  “front brake master cylinder components”  “rear ...

Cylinder inspection
Refer to “engine top side disassembly” . Refer to “engine top side assembly” . Cylinder distortion Check the gasket surface of the cylinder for distortion. Use a straightedge and thickness gauge. Take clearance readings at several places. If any reading exceeds the service limit, replace t ...

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