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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Service Manual: Special tools and equipment

Recommended service material

Suzuki GSX-R. Recommended service material


required service material is also described in the following.

“Clutch control system components”  “clutch components”

Special tool

Suzuki GSX-R. Special tool

Service data Clutch unit: mm (in) Tightening torque specifications Note the specified tightening torque is described in the following. “Clutch control system components”&nbs ...

Precautions Precautions for steering Refer to “general precautions” in section 00 (page 00-1). ...

Other materials:

Drive mode selector inspection
Inspect the drive mode selector in the following procedures:  set up the sds tool. (Refer to the sds operation manual for further details.)  Turn the ignition switch on.  Click “data monitor”.  Make sure each of “driving mode selection” on the monitor is indicated ...

Front brake master cylinder / brake lever disassembly and assembly
Refer to “front brake master cylinder assembly removal and installation” . Disassembly Remove the reservoir cap (1), plate (2), diaphragm (3) and reservoir tank (4). Remove the brake light switch (5) and brake lever (6). Remove the dust boot (7) and push rod (8).   ...

Ignition coil inspection
Refer to “electrical components location” in section 0a . Ignition coil primary peak voltage Remove the air cleaner box. Refer to “air cleaner box removal and installation” in section 1d . Disconnect all ignition coil. Refer to “ignition coil and spark plug removal and installation” . ...

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