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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Service Manual: Rear wheel related parts inspection

Refer to “rear wheel assembly removal and installation” .


Refer to “tire inspection” in section 0b .

Rear brake disc

Refer to “rear brake disc inspection” in section 4c .

Wheel damper

Refer to “drive chain related parts inspection” in section 3a .


Refer to “drive chain related components” in section 3a .

Dust seal

Inspect the dust seal lip for wear or damage. If any defects is found, replace the dust seal with a new one.

Refer to “rear wheel dust seal / bearing removal and installation” .

Suzuki GSX-R. Dust seal

Wheel axle

Using a dial gauge, check the wheel axle for runout, if the runout exceeds the limit, replace the axle shaft.

Wheel axle runout service limit: 0.25 Mm (0.010 In)

Special tool (a): 09900–20607 (dial gauge)
(b): 09900–20701 (dial gauge
chuck) (c): 09900–21304 (v blocks)

Suzuki GSX-R. Wheel axle


  1. Remove the rear brake pads. Refer to “rear brake pad replacement” in section 4c .
  2.  Make sure that the wheel runout checked as shown in the figure does not exceed the service limit. An excessive runout is usually due to worn or loosened wheel bearings and can be reduced by replacing the bearings. If bearing replacement fails to reduce the runout, replace the wheel.

Wheel rim runout service limit (axial and radial): 2.0 Mm (0.08 In)

Suzuki GSX-R. Wheel

  1. Install the rear brake pads. Refer to “rear brake pad replacement” in section 4c .


Inspect the play of the wheel bearings by hand while they are in the wheel. Rotate the inner race by hand to inspect for abnormal noise and smooth rotation. Replace the bearing if there is anything unusual. Refer to “rear wheel dust seal / bearing removal and installation” .

Suzuki GSX-R. Bearing

Rear wheel assembly removal and installation
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Rear wheel dust seal / bearing removal and installation
Removal Remove the rear wheel assembly. Refer to “rear wheel assembly removal and installation” .  Remove the rear sprocket mounting drum assembly (1) from the rear wheel. Re ...

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