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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Service Manual: Special tools and equipment

Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Service Manual / Engine / Engine mechanical / Special tools and equipment

Recommended service material

Suzuki GSX-R. Tightening torque specifications


required service material is also described in the following.

“Throttle body components”  “engine bottom side assembly”

Special tool

Suzuki GSX-R. Special tool

Suzuki GSX-R. Special tool

Suzuki GSX-R. Special tool

Tightening torque specifications
Note the specified tightening torque is described in the following. “Throttle cable routing diagram”  “throttle body components”  “throttle body construction”  “e ...

Engine lubrication system
Precautions Precautions for engine oil Refer to “fuel and oil recommendation” in section 0a . ...

Other materials:

Throttle body inspection and cleaning
Refer to “throttle body disassembly and assembly” . Cleaning Some carburetor cleaning chemicals, especially dip-type soaking solutions, are very corrosive and must be handled carefully. Always follow the chemical manufacturer’s instructions on proper use, handling and sto ...

Stv actuator removal and installation
Refer to “throttle body disassembly and assembly” in section 1d . Caution never remove the stva from the throttle body. Isc valve inspection Refer to “dtc “c40” (p0505 / p0506 / p0507): isc valve circuit malfunction” in section 1a . Isc valve removal and installation Refer t ...

Starter motor inspection
Refer to “starter motor disassembly and assembly” . Carbon brush Inspect the carbon brushes for abnormal wear, cracks or smoothness in the brush holder. If either carbon brush is defective, replace the brush holder set with a new one. Measure the length “a” of the carbon brushes using a v ...

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