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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Service Manual: Special tools and equipment

Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Service Manual / Engine / Engine mechanical / Special tools and equipment

Recommended service material

Suzuki GSX-R. Tightening torque specifications


required service material is also described in the following.

“Throttle body components”  “engine bottom side assembly”

Special tool

Suzuki GSX-R. Special tool

Suzuki GSX-R. Special tool

Suzuki GSX-R. Special tool

Tightening torque specifications
Note the specified tightening torque is described in the following. “Throttle cable routing diagram”  “throttle body components”  “throttle body construction”  “e ...

Engine lubrication system
Precautions Precautions for engine oil Refer to “fuel and oil recommendation” in section 0a . ...

Other materials:

Crankcase breather (pcv) hose / reed valve / cover removal and installation
Removal Lift and support the fuel tank with the prop stay. Refer to “fuel tank removal and installation” in section 1g .  Remove the air cleaner box. Refer to “air cleaner box removal and installation” in section 1d .  Disconnect the crankcase breather (pcv) hose (1). ...

Front brake hose removal and installation
Removal Drain brake fluid. Refer to “brake fluid replacement” . 2) Remove the front brake hoses as shown in the front brake hose routing diagram. Refer to “front brake hose routing diagram” . Installation Caution the seal washers should be replaced with the new ones to pr ...

Rear combination light removal and installation
Removal Remove the frame cover assembly. Refer to “exterior parts removal and installation” in section 9d .  Remove the clamps (1).  Disconnect the combination light coupler (2).  Remove the rear combination light assembly (3). Remove the combination light brack ...

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