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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Service Manual: Air cleaner element inspection

Inspect air cleaner element every 6 000 km (4 000 miles, 12 months)


  1. Remove the air cleaner element. Refer to air cleaner element removal and installation in section 1d .
  2.  Inspect the air cleaner element for clogging. If it is clogged with dirt, replace it with a new one.

Do not blow the air cleaner element with compressed air.



if driving under dusty conditions, replace the air cleaner element more frequently. Make sure that the air cleaner is in good condition at all times. The life of the engine depends largely on this component.

Suzuki GSX-R. Air cleaner element inspection

  1. Drain water from the air cleaner box by removing the drain plug (1).

Suzuki GSX-R. Air cleaner element inspection

  1. Reinstall the removed parts.
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