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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Service Manual: Oil pump inspection

Inspect the oil pump in the following procedures:

  1.  remove the oil pump. Refer to “oil pump removal and installation” .
  2.  Rotate the oil pump by hand and check that it moves smoothly. If it does not move smoothly, replace the oil pump assembly.

do not attempt to disassemble the oil pump.

The oil pump is available only as an assembly.

Suzuki GSX-R. Oil pump inspection

  1. Install the oil pump. Refer to “oil pump removal and installation” .

Oil pump drive sprocket removal and installation

Refer to “engine bottom side disassembly” in section 1d  and “engine bottom side assembly” in section 1d .

Oil pump removal and installation
Note be careful not to drop any parts into the crankcase. Removal Remove the oil pan, oil pressure regulator and oil strainer. Refer to “oil pan / oil pressure regulator / oi ...

Service data Oil pump Oil Tightening torque specifications Reference: for the tightening torque of fastener not specified in this section, refer to “tightening torque list” in sectio ...

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