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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Service Manual: Voltage check

If voltage is supplied to the circuit being checked, voltage check can be used as circuit check.

  1.  With all connectors/couplers connected and voltage applied to the circuit being checked, measure voltage between each terminal and body ground.
  2.  If measurements were taken as shown in the figure and results were listed in the following, it means that the circuit is open between terminals a and b.

Voltage between
a and body ground: approx. 5 V b and body ground: approx. 5 V c and body ground: 0 V

  1. Also, if measured values are as listed following, a resistance (abnormality) exists which causes the voltage drop in the circuit between terminals a and b.

Voltage between
a and body ground: approx. 5 V b and body ground: approx. 5 V 2 v voltage drop
c and body ground: 3 v 2 v voltage drop

Suzuki GSX-R. Voltage check

Suzuki GSX-R. Voltage check

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